Collin McMahon


•"Colonia Dignidad, Rat Pack, Written by Florian Gallenberger

•"The Crocodiles 3" Germ.-Engl. Rat Pack/Constantin

•"Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods - 3D" Germ.-Engl. Rat Pack/Constantin

•"Honky Tonk Pirates - 3D" Germ.-Engl., UFA Cinema

•"Girl on a Bicycle", English-German., Wiedemann & Berg, Written by Jeremy Leven

•"Drachengold", Engl.-Germ., Bavaria TV, Written by Don Bohlinger

•"The Hairdresser", Press Info only, Constantin/collina Film, Directed by Doris Dörrie

•"Wickie the Mighty Viking" Making Of, Germ.-Engl. Rat Pack/Constantin

•"Rehab", Dt.-Engl., Buch: Marc Malze


•"Jim Button" Rat Pack, Director: Sebastian Niemann

•"Saint Daisy", Wiedemann & Berg, Written by Jeremy Leven

•"The Crocodiles 2" Rat Pack, Directed by Christian Ditter

•"Hindenburg" 2-parter, English shooting script., teamworx, Written by Hannes Betz & Martin Pristl

•"Savages", orange pictures, Directed by Hans Horn

•"Evil Blood", Rat Pack, Written/directed  by Peter Thorwarth

•"We Are the Night", 2 drafts, written/directed by Dennis Gansel

   •"Berlinoir", treatment & screenplay, Lichtmeer Film

•"Army of Ghosts", English shooting script,


•"Vicky the Viking" shooting script, Rat Pack/herbX film, by Alfons Biederman & Michael Bully Herbig

•"Jerry Cotton" 3 drafts, Rat Pack, Written/directed by Cyrill Boss & Philipp Stennert

•"Cap Anamur" Wasabi Film, based on the biography of Rupert Neudeck

•"Help, My Parents Are Old" Written/directed by Ilse Biberti

•"Hunt for the Ancient Relic" Rat Pack, Director: Sebastian Niemann, Screenplay: Martin


•"Grisu" Treatment,  2 drafts, Wasabi Film

•"The Missing Man" Treatment, Film-Line, by Don Bohlinger

•"Evil Blood", Rat Pack, Written/directed  by Peter Thorwarth

•"The Year of the Dog", Written/directed by Dennis Gansel

•"Abwärts Reloaded", Telenorm Film, by Natja Brunckhorst & Dominic Raacke

•"We Are the Night", Directed by Dennis Gansel, Written by Jan Berger

•"Leviticus 18" Written/directed by Sharon von Wietersheim


•"The Wave", Rat Pack, Dir: Dennis Gansel, Co-Scr: Peter Thorwarth

       2.4 million admissions in Germany

       (One of Sundance's) "most talked-about titles... Audiences are raving about ... 'The Wave'..." (Variety, Jan. 22, 2008)

          "Brilliant examination of the festering of fascism today in a German high school... Seductive and horrifying at the same time... An assured piece of filmmaking by Dennis Gansel." (Hollywood Reporter, Jan. 30, 2008 - Premiered at Sundance)

•"Vengeance", Rat Pack, Dir: Dennis Gansel, based on the novel "Payback" by Gert Ledig

•"The Dawn", Rat Pack, Dir:Dennis Gansel

•"The Godmother", Telepool/teamWorx

•"The Charlemagne Code", Telepool/Dreamtool

•"Vicky the Viking", HerbX Film, Dir: Michael Bully Herbig

•"Killing is my Business, Honey", Rat Pack, Dir: Sebastian Niemann

•"Stopping Power", Kinowelt/IM Internationalmedia/action concept, Dir: Jan de Bont,

           2 versions (filming cancelled)

•"Catweazle", Niama Film, 2 Versions

•"Ceasefire", Drife Productions (also co-script)


•"Once Upon a Time in Germany", Rat Pack, Dir: Peter Thorwarth

•"Cavalcare la Tigre" (treatment), Movie Decadence


•"Open Water 2", Orange Pictures (also co-script)

•"The Butcher & the Baker", Orange Pictures

•"Show de Bola" (treatment), Orange Pictures

•"Hitler's Son", VIP Medienfonds


•"Love the Hard Way", Peter Sehr

•"Hanomag", Peter Lilienthal


•"Emerald Fire", Helkon Media

•"Die Bademeister", Hofmann & Voges (Dir: Bully Herbig)

•"Wish List", Film Line


•"After the Truth", Helkon Media

•"Operation 7. November", Helkon Media

•"House of Klang", Roxy Film

•"History is Made at Night" (exposé) Helkon Media

•"Berlin Noir" (rewrite) Cinemages


•"14 Days to Life", Helkon Media, (resold to US for remake)

•"Cold Kisses", BlueScreen Film

•"Dandy of the Dark", Roxy Film

•Beyond the Horizon", Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion

•"Tuareg", Helkon Media, rewrite

•var. exposés & treatments incl. "Maria", BlueScreen Film


•"Brain Xchange", Helkon Media


•"The Clan"


•"Secret Island"


•"Mr. Bluesman", translation & adaptation, Roxy Film, Dir: Sönke Wortmann

English subtitling:

•"Das ewige Lied" (Emmy-nominated)

•"If It Don't Fit (Use a Bigger Hammer)" Short nominated for Student Oscar (Dir: Peter Thorwarth)

Simultaneous translation:

•"The Usual Suspects", Columbia TriStar (Munich Filmfest 1995)

    "Restraining Order", Construction Film, starring Veronica Ferres
    "Max & Moritz", Pantaleon Films
    "Love Gets a Room", Nostromo Films, written by David Safier
    "My Best Girlfriend's Wedding", Rat Pack
    "Siegfried & Roy", treatment, UFA
    "Babysitting", Rat Pack, directed by Granz Henman
    "Ben Hope", series bible & pilot, Temper Film
    "The Physician 2", treatment, UFA Film

    "Bullyparade - The Film", directed by Michael Bully Herbig
    "Hot Dog", Pantaleon Film, starring Til Schweiger and Matthias Schweighöfer
    "Under German Beds", Construction Film, starring Veronica Ferres
    "Binny and the Ghost", UFA / Disney Channel, Season 2
    "In Love & War", Nordfilm Kiel
    "The Searchers", Temper Film
    "War Photographer", Wunder am Werk

    "Salt and Fire", Construction Film, written/directed by Werner Herzog
    "Biene Maja 2", Studio 100
    "Hitler", Fo. 1-3, Screenplay, Beta Film, written by Niki Stein and Hark Bohm
    "Godless Rogues", Rat Pack, directed by Peter Thorwarth
    "The Fig Eater", Construction Film
    "Abschussfahrt", Rat Pack, directed by Tim Trachte
    "Appetite", Film-Line Productions

    "Jim Knopf and Luke the Engine Driver", Rat Pack
    "The Gift", based on the novel by Cecelia Aherne, Goldkind 13 GmbH
    "Winnetou" Parts 1-3, Rat Pack, directed by Philipp Stölzl, written by Jan Berger
    "Look Who's Back", Constantin Film, written/directed by David Wnendt
    "Viva Berlin", Rat Pack, Producer: Benjamin Munz

   "Hitler", Treatment, teamWorx, Script: Niki Stein & Hark Bohm, Development
    "Binny and the Ghost", teamWorx / Disney Channel, Eps. 1-13
    "Narcissus and Goldmund" Senator Film, Script: Florian Gallenberger
    "Different Reality", Art-OKO Film
    "Mia & Me", 2nd season treatments

    "The Physician", UFA Cinema, Dir: Philipp Stölzl, Scr: Jan Berger based on the novel by Noah Gordon
    "Heroes", Dreamtool Ent., Scr.: Derek Meister, Simon X. Rost, Dir.: Hansjörg Thurn
    "Guernica" Parts 1 & 2, H&V Entertainment 
    Series Pilot & 1 Eps., Dreamtool Entertainment for RTL
    Series Pilot "Sherlock Ghost", teamworx
    "Ich knall euch ab", Rat Pack, Scr.: Jan Berger
     "Furious Angel", Bavaria Film Partners/Magnet Media, Dir.: Jan de Bont, Scr.: Thane Swigart
    "Blood Red Sky", Shooting Script, Scr/Dir: Peter Thorwarth, Scr.: Stefan Holtz
    "Going Down", Schühly Filmprod., Scr.: Carl Schenkel
    "Colonia Dignidad", Majestic Film, Scr./Dir: Florian Gallenberger
    "Rochade", Majestic Film, Scr./Dir: Florian Gallenberger
    Press Folder "House of Crocodiles", Rat Pack/Constantin
    var. Series Concepts, teamworx

    "The Physician", UFA Cinema, Dir: Philipp Stölzl, Scr.: Jan Berger	
    "Winnetou", Rat Pack, Scr: Jan Berger
    "Der Club 1948", Art-Oko Film
    "Haus der Krokodile", Rat Pack 
Buch/Regie: Cyrill Boss & Philipp Stennert
    "Colonia Dignidad", Scr./Dir: Florian Gallenberger
    "Turkish for Beginners - The Movie", Rat Pack
Scr./Dir: Bora Dagtekin, 3 versions